iHeartMedia earnings: Listening up, advertising down, digital everything is the way forward

In iHeartMedia’s Q1 earnings call, Chairmand and CEO Bob Pittman laid out his company’s revenue trendlines, a review of strategic decisions, and his views of a hopeful future. In simple coronavirus strokes: Listening is up, advertising is down, and digital initiatives are providing the best result and will propel future recovery. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia partners with Uno Radio Group for expansion into Puerto Rico

iHeartMedia has entered a partnership with Uno Radio Group, a leading Puerto Rico broadcaster. The move that will extend the iHeartRadio brand to Puerto Rico. Uno Radio Group listeners will receive access to iHeartMedia’s content and programming, and iHeart’s advertising partners will be able to work with Uno Radio Group’s stations. Continue Reading


Artist and consumer rights organizations petition Justice Department to block Liberty Media/iHeart deal

Liberty Media is a powerful force in music, with holdings in Sirius XM, Pandora, and Live Nation/Ticketmaster. After the Sirius XM and Pandora deal closed, the rumors turned next to Liberty having an interest in iHeartMedia. A group of consumer rights advocates and an artists’ rights organization have teamed up to send a letter to the Justice Department to oppose that possible acquisition. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia introduces new podcast of commencement wisdom for 2020 graduates

iHeartMedia’s latest new podcast is an effort to recapture a note of normalcy for students. The new show is titled Commencement: Speeches for the Class of 2020. Each episode will feature insights and advice from celebrity speakers aimed at high school and college students who will not have graduation ceremonies because of the coronavirus pandemic. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia cites “strong audience and revenue growth” for podcasting in coronavirus financial update

iHeartMedia released a lengthy and bullet-point-heavy financial update meant to reassure investors during coronavirus uncertainty. Podcasting is positioned as the leading digital business, with listening growth continuing during apotentially prolonged coronavirus emergency. Other digital assets are highlighted. Continue Reading


iHeartPodcast Network to extend its exclusive partnership with Aaron Mahnke

iHeartMedia announced that it has extended its deal with Aaron Mahnke. The multi-year deal will see the author and podcast creator continue his exclusive partnership with the iHeartPodcast Network. In addition to work with Mahnke, the partnership will see the addition of five new podcasts to feature new talents. Continue Reading