RAIN Notes: Thursday, June 13

Jottings of note:


Feels Like Home

Audio “has always underperformed greatly in terms of total advertiser spend versus the size of audience and time spent with audio.” That’s from industry veteran Andy Lipset, who has announced his founding of an advisory firm called Resound. He is joined by co-founder Lauren Nagel (founder of Studio Resonate) as Managing Partner and Chief creative Officer. With the tagline “Audio is ripe for innovation,” Resound is a boutique consulting company “designed to help marketers harness the full potential of audio advertising. The new company offers integrated planning, buying, and creative services to help brands maximize their audio advertising impact. It’s along-standing problem, Lipset asserts, and his extensive executive background in audio (TargetSpot, Pandora, Spoken Layer) gives him the perspective for that viewpoint and his firece advocacy of the category: “Audio is way too big as an audience vehicle and much more complex from a media and creative standpoint to be an afterthought,” he says in a lengthy statement.


Cheap + Beer = Frightful Hilarity

Evergreen Podcasts has released Heading For Home — A Ten Cent Beer Night Odyssey. This narrative podcast tells the story that unfolded in the Cleveland Indians (now Guardians) stadium on June 4, 1074, when beer was practically given away. Predictably, tens of thousands of fans departed from sobriety. That would have been fine if they also didn’t chant obscenities, throw objects at players (including explosives), charge the field, and fight with players of the opposing team. The saga, both horrific and hilarious, was written, produced, and narrated by the estimable Eric Olsen, whose previous audio production credits include America’s Most Haunted and Freakish History. The show is HERE.


Exotic Global Streaming

Freelance writer and ex-Spotify music consultant Shaad D’Souza wrote about An Online Radio Station Where Everything Is Eclectic, for the New York Times. It is NTS, an aggregator of — yes, eclectic for sure — online music and spoken word streaming stations. (The outfit also produces live shows and events.) NTS was founded in 2011 in London. The company also has studios in Manchester, Los Angeles, and “remote locations around the world.” Stations lure the listener with ambiguous names like Time Is Away, Trinh, Hit A Lick Radio, and Soup To Nuts. We see originating locations in Berlin, Philadelphia, and New Zealand. We foresee hours of enjoyable and revelatory listening. Start HERE.


June 13, 2024

Brad Hill