Triton U.S. podcast ranker: NPR returns; stable top 10; only three new

Triton Digital released its U.S. Podcast Ranker for December, ranking the top 100 podcasts measured by Triton’s service. As always, this list connects each of the 100 listed shows with its sales network.

Here are a few broad strokes, filtering the list by its default weekly average downloads:

  • NPR and its shows are back in, following a two-month hiatus due to what Triton called “data migration issues.”
  • The return put NPR News Now in its accustomed #1 position, assisted by its extraordinary hourly publishing schedule — a 128x advantage over weekly-published shows.
  • The entire top 10 podcasts (sorted by number of listeners) is the same as the previous month, with some shuffling of positions.

First-time debuts to the list:

  • Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast (Audioboom) #22
  • Mortal Sin (NBC Universal) #43
  • NPR’s Book of the Day (NPR), #91
  • Stavvy’s World (All Things Comedy) #92

As always, Triton’s online presentation of the ranker is highly interactive, allowing you to sort the order by Average Users, representing audience size, downloads, and sales networks. You can also easily shift over to other months, and other Triton rankers. It’s easy to get enjoyably drawn in.  Get the interactive ranker HERE.


Brad Hill