Ad Results Media executive hiring spree: Five new VPs and Directors

Audio advertising company Ad Results Media (ARM) has made a significant executive hiring push for its L.A. and Houston offices. The company also operates offices in Boston, San Diego, and Austin.

The company says it is identifying and cultivating top industry talent to understand the needs and perspectives of clients. “As we develop more scalable audio advertising offerings, I’m excited to welcome a group of very talented and motivated professionals who will bring our clients the innovation-focused mindset they expect, while also lending their unique perspectives and unparalleled expertise to grow our presence,” said Marshall Williams, Partner and CEO of ARM.

Here are the fice executive hires, with descriptions provided by ARM:

  • Tony Carnevale, Creative Director: Growing the ARM creative team in Houston, Tony brings over 13 years of experience working with category-leaders on multimedia initiatives. Focusing on branded-content creation and drawing on his performance background, Tony’s strong relationships with platform audiences has delivered engaging storylines for clients spanning multiple industries and channels.
  • Jemina MacHarry, Director of Business Development: A Houston-based sales professional with over 10 years of experience developing and implementing strategic growth plans, Jemina has proven herself as a trusted sales leader. Working in the education, sports and logistics sectors, Jemina has acquired and grown business relationships for notable brands across a variety of focus areas.
  • Patty Mertes, VP of Media: Boasting over 16 years of specialized ad tech experience, Patty has worked with disruptive tech clients to achieve profitable outcomes by leveraging multichannel campaigns reaching multiple audiences. With a focus on connecting consumers with brands in new ways, Patty brings her expertise creating authentic client integrations on emerging platforms to the Los Angeles ARM team.
  • DeShá Runnels, VP of Media: An established media professional joining the Los Angeles team, DeShá has over 15 years of specialized experience managing sales operations and serving as a trusted collaborator for leading brands in the entertainment, sports and talk radio space.
  • Gretchen Smith, VP of Media: Bringing her experience working across the travel, wellness, non-profit, beauty, retail and military recruiting industries, Gretchen joins the media team to help clients connect paid investments to measured success. A consumer media expert, her passions for advertising and media technology have inspired her focus on audio-based solutions that allow brands to become more effective and innovative storytellers, especially through newly emerging audio platforms like Clubhouse.


Brad Hill