Food delivery services reach an eager audience via podcasting: Nielsen

New information released from Nielsen’s ongoing Podcast Listening Buying Power survey shows that podcast listeners are twice as likely to use food delivery services, according to a research bulletin sent to RAIN.

Food delivery is broken out to three types: Restaurant delivery, meal kits, and grocery delivery. We are entertaining a sideline observation about this: With the years-long ubiquity of meal kit ads in podcasts, we wonder whether food delivery popularity among podcast listeners is partly driven by the marketing initiative of those companies.

However the survey trend developed, Nielsen presents a graphic illustration of it:

Whatever is driving the trend, that driver is continuing to operate. Below is an illustration of category growth for each of the three food delivery types, over the past six months:

Nielsen also addresses podcast genres representing each of the three consumer tendencies:

Nielsen’s Podcast Listening Buying Power study provides deep insights about the podcast audience across 18 podcast genres and more than 2,000 consumer categories.


Brad Hill