Nielsen’s Podcast Listener Buying Power Service grabs PodcastOne as new client

Venerable podcast giant PodcastOne has joined Nielsen’s qualitative profiling service, Podcast Listener Buying Power.

Nielsen’s service launched last August. It’s ultimate goal is to connect podcast advertisers with certain listener types as profiled by Nielsen’s Scarborough category database. The result for PodcastOne will be insights across 18 genres and innumerable listening preferences, references against consumer purchase patterns.

“As listeners continue their quest to find the most interesting and informative podcasts, PodcastOne is at the forefront of the industry and we are delighted to welcome them to Nielsen’s Podcast Listener Buying Power Service,” said Bruce Supovitz, SVP/National Audio Services, Nielsen Audio. “We look forward to empowering PodcastOne with the insights necessary to advance their ensuing growth.”

“Nielsen represents the addition of another powerful tool to our arsenal of research resources,” said Sue McNamara, Executive Vice President of PodcastOne Sales. “With these insights, we’ll be able to use podcast listener analytics to provide ourselves and our clients with information that will accelerate monetization opportunities. With programming in virtually every content category, this information will provide us invaluable research to communicate our importance to podcast advertisers, as well as our partners.”

Brad Hill