Spreaker AdHub launches — for podcasters, not advertisers

Spreaker has launched a new self-serve tool called AdHub. If it sounds like another do-it-yourself way for marketers to buy dynamically inserted commercials, it’s not. AdHub is directed toward Spreaker podcasters, who can place targeted ads  for their podcasts into other Spreaker podcasts. Click through for deets. Continue Reading

Spreaker launches Campaign Manager, giving podcasters more direct control of ad trafficking

Podcast host and technology company Spreaker has launched the Spreaker Campaign Manager, a tool which allows podcasters to have a more direct relationship with advertisers while increasing the podcaster’s control over ad placement. It is geared to shows where advertisers are “knocking down your organization’s door to be included in your catalog of podcasts,” Spreaker says. Continue Reading

Spreaker launches Publisher Plan, bridging personal and enterprise hosting

Podcast technology platform Spreaker sent us an announcement of a new customer layer called the Spreaker Publisher Plan. That might sound generic, but is actually a precise layer of service that fits between the platform’s open sign-up service and its enterprise hosting capability which was launched last year. In our view, this product targets an increasingly thriving layer of indie podcast networks. Click to know more. Continue Reading

Voxnest tracks podcast category spikes as Europe quarantines against coronavirus

Voxnest shared its latest statistics on podcast listening, offering a global snapshot of how COVID-19 has impacted audiences. The company noted that its Spreaker is the top hosting platform in Italy, which has been hardest hit by the pandemic in Europe. It also shared details from Spain, from across Europe, and some early figures from the U.S. as it prepares for the full force of the virus. Continue Reading