Spreaker launches Prime service for high-volume podcasts

In what appears to be a strategy which combines retention, attracting new shows, and expanding its network ad inventory, podcast host Spreaker has launched Spreaker Prime, a no-cost high-end service for podcasters who have attained a minimum audience level.

That level is 5,000 downloads per month. “Spreaker Prime supports the growth of up-and-coming publishers and podcasters by increasing exposure and maximizing monetization through a variety of features,” the service promises.

One enticement notes that Spreaker Prime shows could attract “premier advertising partners” such as TESCO, Uber, Toyota, DECATHLON, British Airways Hilton, and Leroy Milton.

four service pillars distinguish Spreaker Prime:

  • Free hosting
  • Dynamic ad injection
  • Marketing support (promoting your show)
  • Priority customer service

GO HERE to check out the promotion.


Brad Hill