Spreaker AdHub launches — for podcasters, not advertisers

Spreaker has launched a new self-serve tool called AdHub: “Making Podcast Advertising Accessible.” If it sounds like another do-it-yourself way for marketers to buy dynamically inserted commercials, it’s not. AdHub is directed toward Spreaker podcasters, who can place targeted ads for their podcasts into other Spreaker podcasts. The idea is to increase listenereship for the buyer, and (presumably) make some money for the podcasts which receive the ads. (Spreaker does not mention benefits or monetization details for podcasts receiving ads.)

From what we’ve seen, the available targeting appears to be across areas of interest, roughly corresponding to standard podcast categories — News, Arts, TV, Religion, and so on. That’s a blunt version of what brand advertisers expect in the self-serve platforms they use, which usually include demographics and geographics. But for podcast-to-podcast marketing, the category interest really is what creators want to target in order to build audience for their own shows. (AdHub is available only in the U.S. at launch.)

Users must create their own ads — that makes sense too, as they are, after all, audio creators. AdHub asks for a budget between $100 and $1,000 (according to initial promotional material we’ve seen).

All podcast-to-podcast ads undergo an approval process by Spreaker. We have not determined whether Spreaker podcasters on the receiving end of these campaigns may also approve/refuse the ads. The launch collateral is unidirected to the buyers — podcasters wanting to promote in other Spreaker podcasts. “Our AdHub tool allows podcasters to maximize their exposure and reach out to an untapped market, connecting you with your target audience in a more straightforward way than ever before. It is also 100% unique, there is nothing else like this available on the market.”


Brad Hill