Beats 1 gets a ‘takeover’ by Aussie terrestrial radio

Australian radio station Triple J has entered into a temporary partnership with Beats 1 to stage a “takeover” of the streaming service’s radio program. Triple J will host four hour-long shows on the Apple radio project over the course of November. That’s a clear win for Triple J, but what could the end game be for Beats 1? Continue Reading

Former Beats Music CEO makes surprise departure from Apple

Ian Rogers has resigned from Apple. Rogers was the CEO of Beats Music prior to its acquisition by the tech company, and was one of the key leaders in creating the Beats 1 radio component of Apple Music. The Financial Times first reported the departure, noting that Rogers will be heading to Europe for a position in an unrelated industry. Continue Reading

Apple Music could add more Beats stations under current contracts

One of the biggest highlights of the new Apple Music streaming platform is certainly the ambitious Beats 1 radio project. But the latest industry rumors hint that Beats 1 may not stand alone forever. According to The Verge, inside sources have revealed that Apple’s contracts with labels allow the tech giant to launch up to five additional stations without renegotiating. That means that we could very likely see (and hear) a Beats 2 through Beats 6 joining the broadcast offerings. Continue Reading