and founder unveils new service to handle online music licensing

Entrepreneur Jeff Yasuda — of and “people-powered” online radio Fuzz fame — has launched a new company with the aim of taking “all the complication out of music licensing” for webcasters, online retailers, and more. (we last reported on Yasuda’s Feed Media, parent to and, here) will handle the regulatory and payment issues for entrepreneurs and site owners looking to license music online, such as Internet radio.

TechCrunch writes that for a monthly fee, will “add the service‚Äôs stations to their site or app. They can also build stations from their own personal collections. And offers an analytics dashboard and A/B testing so publishers can quantify that the music is improving engagement and see how their visitors are engaging with the music.”

Yasuda told TechCrunch early testing reveals sites that use music from the service got a 20%-400% bump in average time-on-site, and some e-commerce sites saw sales increase as much as 20%.

Read more in TechCrunch here.

Paul Maloney