Pandora executives on listening, licenses, labels, and more

The most informative part of quarterly earnings calls can be the Q&A with investors, for the strategic story beyond the financials. Click through for insights, perspectives, and forward projections voiced by CEO and Brian McAndrews and CFO Mike Herring in last week’s responses to investors. Continue Reading

Pandora answers questions: Built-in audience and data will make on-demand work

“We believe we can compete in this space because we come from such a position of strength.” Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews and CFO Mike Herring answered questions in an investor call about the acquisition of Rdio, and Pandora’s ambitious 2016 plan. Click through for voluminous quotes. Continue Reading


Pandora plans on-demand music and global expansion in dramatic strategic growth plan

Yesterday’s announcement that Pandora intends to acquire Rdio assets in a bankruptcy auction focused attention on Rdio’s unpredicted demise.

CEO Brian McAndrews used the Rdio acquisition as a pivot point to sketch a dramatically enlarged strategic vision for his company, one which contained specific answers to two topics he has skirted during this year’s earnings calls: global expansion, and on-demand service. Continue Reading

Pandora earnings: Positive financials; slowing audience growth; plummeting stock

Pandora’s Q3 earnings call on Thursday marked an anniversary of the one-year directorship of CEO Brian McAndrews. McAndrews told a story of record-breaking financial results, and slowing audience growth. Wall Street punished the company severely in after-hours trading following the late-afternoon call, and in today’s formal session. Continue Reading