Pandora turns another corner – Westergren, Herring out. CEO search on. New board member in.

Reported yesterday and confirmed this morning, founder and CEO Tim Westergren has left Pandora. He steps down from the chief executive position, and exits the board of directors. President Mike Herring likewise leaving. The CFO is now interim CEO. A new board member takes a seat, as directors start searching for the next CEO. Continue Reading


Pandora earnings: A pivot point, mixed financials, and biggest new product in years comes to market

“2016 was a very significant year for Pandora, with progress on every important front. We enter 2017 with a clear set of strategic priorities and a solid plan to execute against them.” That was Pandora CEO Tim Westergren starting his company’s Q4 earnings call yesterday. Always optimistic, he laid out 2017 goals at a pivot point for the company he founded. Continue Reading


Tim Westergren: Pandora is replacing AM/FM radio

In a keynote interview at MIDEM over the weekend, Pandora CEO Tim Westergren talked about Pandora’s plan to build an on-demand service to complement its market-leading streaming radio platform, and the company’s support of the music industry. Along the way, Westergren reiterated his company’s explicit mission to replace broadcast radio, and why that’s a good thing for listeners and musicians. Continue Reading

CEO Westergren debuts in Pandora Q1 earnings call: Metrics, context, and quotes

“Before I turn to the corporate update and the latest quarterly results, I want to offer some perspective on this company that I founded with two friends over 16 years ago.”

That is how Tim Westergren, Founder and second-time CEO of Pandora, began yesterday’s earnings call for Q1 2016. In a remarkable stretch of speech-making from him and COO Sara Clemens, Pandora set the stage for its Q1 financial reporting by aligning with musicians and detailing how its products and business strategies differentiate from competitors.

Click through for details and perspective. Continue Reading