Pandora executives on listening, licenses, labels, and more

The most informative part of quarterly earnings calls can be the Q&A with investors, for the strategic story beyond the financials. Click through for insights, perspectives, and forward projections voiced by CEO and Brian McAndrews and CFO Mike Herring in last week’s responses to investors. Continue Reading

Pandora CFO: “The best thing that’s going to happen is…”

Pandora CFO Mike Herring spoke at the Wedbush 2015 California Dreamin’ Technology, Consumer Management Access Conference. He spoke about Pandora’s vision generally, the expansion to on-demand service in 2016, Apple Music and Steve Jobs, the company’s recent acquisition of Ticketfly, the imminent CRB royalty-rate ruling, and more. Continue Reading

Pandora answers questions: Built-in audience and data will make on-demand work

“We believe we can compete in this space because we come from such a position of strength.” Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews and CFO Mike Herring answered questions in an investor call about the acquisition of Rdio, and Pandora’s ambitious 2016 plan. Click through for voluminous quotes. Continue Reading

Pandora non-commits to possible on-demand service

There’s plenty of swirl today about Pandora’s remarks at the company’s Investor Day event last week, during which CFO Mike Herring tantalizingly implied that Pandora might some day create an on-demand music service like Spotify. Click through for his remarks, and the context around the discussion. Chief Strategy Officer Sara Clemens had things to say, too. Continue Reading


Pandora explains music licensing strategy in a public conference call

In a brisk 51-minute conference call with investors yesterday, Pandora described its strategy in the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) proceeding, explained why it thinks music licensing costs (to labels) should be lower, and fielded questions about the company’s key partnership with Merlin labels. Although Pandora executives often speak at investor conferences, and conduct quarterly earnings calls, the single-topic focus of yesterday’s call was unusual. Continue Reading

Pandora CFO addresses investors as P stock climbs 10%

Pandora CFO Mike Herring answered questions in front of investors at the Oppenheimer 17th-annual Technology, Internet & Communications Conference on Wednesday. P stock rose over 10% during the day, probably due less to Herring’s remarks than to investment house Stifel issuing a Buy rating for Pandora. Meanwhile, Mike Herring delivered his talking points in response to 32 minutes of questioning about audience size, ad sales, and music licensing. Continue Reading