Quick Hits: Profiles of Rdio and Apple Music; could streaming platforms win a Grammy?

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Billboard takes on Rdio: Billboard published a detailed feature about Rdio’s final days and eventual bankruptcy. It examines the financial fallout of the streaming company’s sale to Pandora and the potential impact of the legal proceedings now surrounding that transaction.

BuzzFeed takes on Apple Music: Another deep dive into a streaming service, this time an interview with Jimmy Iovine courtesy of BuzzFeed. The Apple Music exec discussed the first year in action, including the policy of netting artist exclusives and how that’s impacting both the industry and listeners.

Streaming services as Grammy winners? We’ve seen a notable shift toward streaming services getting more involved with distribution and exploring content beyond just on-demand music. This Forbes column ponders whether digital music companies could find themselves nominated for industry awards. Netflix and Amazon original shows have been nominated for and won Emmys and other awards for television; based on the trends, music streaming could potentially find itself in contention for Grammys and more down the line.

Anna Washenko