AccuRadio nears completion of charity drive

accuradio season of sharing 300wAccuRadio has expressed the giving spirit of the season with a daily charity drive, soliciting listeners to choose the non-profit recipients. For 30 days, ending tomorrow, Christmas Eve, AccuRadio will have donated $1,000 each day to various causes in its Season of Sharing campaign.

Each day listeners are given a selection of three non-profit causes for voting. You can also suggest a charity.

“We’re really aiming to reflect the values and wishes of our listeners with the Season of Sharing,” said Paul Maloney, VP of Programming at AccuRadio. “We rely on AccuRadio users so much for their feedback, their songs ratings, their personalizations — so we’re hoping to benefit some causes that really mean something to them.”

The most popular causes which were voted to receive AccuRadio donations at least twice include Toys for Tots, ASPCA, The Human Society of the United States, Doctors Without Borders, and Habitat for Humanity. (See the daily donation list here.)

There is still time to participate with a vote. Go to AccuRadio and spin one of its nearly 1,000 curated stations, including a dazzling selection of 63 Christmas channels, where there is a series of “50/50” stations that mix in a half dose of Xmas tunes.

(NOTE: Kurt Hanson, Founder and CEO of AccuRadio, is also Founding Editor of RAIN News.)


Brad Hill