AudioHQ and AccuRadio deepen relationship to exclusive repping

AudioHQ and accuradioAudioHQ announced today that a year-long business relationship with AccuRadio is entering a new a deeper phase. The audio ad sales company becomes exclusive third-party representative for AccuRadio. The two firms began working together last November, when AudioHQ started selling inventory targeted to AccuRadio’s registered users.

“We have enjoyed a very fruitful partnership too date and are very pleased to be able to deepen the relationship via an exclusive representation arrangement,” said Matt Cutair, CEO of AudioHQ. “Our advertising partners place considerable value on such partnerships, and that combined with the differentiated approach that AccuRadio brings to the pure-play music streaming market, will only enhance the value that our network brings to the table.”

The differentiated approach refers to AccuRadio’s target marketing, which aims for the 35-64 demographic of people who listen at work. The service tagline is “Better Radio for Your Workday.” AccuRadio presents nearly a thousand hyper-niche audio channels across music genres, and those channels can be merged into customized stations by registered users. (Note: AccuRadio Founder and CEO Kurt Hanson is Founding Editor of RAIN News.)

Hanson observed that the expanded relationship with AudioHQ builds on booked revenue gains. “In 2015, AccuRadio has had its best revenues growth year ever, and that is largely attributable to the efforts Matt Cutair and Jeff McCarthy and their team. We look forward to working with them even more closely in 2016.”

Brad Hill