AccuRadio celebrates First Contact Day. If you have to ask…

accuradio star trek

AccuRadio has announced a new channel launched in honor of First Contact Day.

Sorry, what? You don’t know what First Contact Day is? SciFi future-history buffs understand April 5, 2063 as the day humans and Vulcans met (will meet … so confusing) for the first time. To celebrate, AccuRadio has beamed down a new station of all Star Trek music.

Kurt Hanson, AccuRadio CEO (and Founding Editor of RAIN News) is a well-known Star Trek obsessive who usually includes images and references from the original series (known as TOS; try to keep up) in his State of the Industry keynote addresses at RAIN Summits. Hanson was a graphic designer on “Star Trek: Insurrection,” the ninth ST movie, and he collects franchise memorabilia, some of it on display in the AccuRadio office.

The new station includes underscores from all five TV series and 12 movies — listeners hear a lot of Jerry Goldsmith from the movies, but many other underscoring composers too.

Brad Hill