NextRadio/Tagstation facing extinction: No industry support according to Emmis boss Smulyan

Emmis Communications Corp announced in a quarterly earnings call that it will “dramatically reduce the operations” of its NextRadio project following years of losses. NextRadio was an effort to make mobile phones act like portable radios, with an app that let listeners tune in to FM stations. It also offered targeted advertising and other enhancements. Continue Reading

Emmis’ Smulyan: NextRadio in “very early stages”

NextRadio was introduced in August, 2013, as a tuner for SmartPhones to receive over-the-air radio reception with enhanced on-screen interactivity. In the nearly four years of NextRadio promotion, Emmis has faced challenges. In this week’s earnings call, Emmis head Jeff Smulyan put NextRadio prominently in the discussion, and framed it as an early-stage product undergoing growth and improvement. Continue Reading

TagStation announces lower pricing and product support for FM to get on NextRadio

Radio stations can now get into NextRadio more easily. TagStation, that back end of the consumer-facing NextRadio app, has altered its pricing charged to radio stations for access to NextRadio program enhancement tools. The company is also providing providing “content acceleration” teams to support stations. Continue Reading