Edison Research and NextRadio ask why people love radio

NextRadio Edison survey musicEdison Research was commissioned by NextRadio to investigate why listeners are so dedicated to radio, even as digital music services gain traction. The survey population was drawn from “the NextRadio database,” according to promotional arm Tagstation, assuring that responses were informed by a working knowledge of the NextRadio app. NextRadio is an enhanced tuner for over-the-air radio reception in phones capable of receiving radio.

In the Edison results, the central reasons for radio’s continued presence are portability, community roots, and music programming.

The results showed that 90% of respondents listen to traditional FM radio in the car, with 91% of respondents saying they would sit in the car for longer to hear more of a show or program. Mobile options can take radio on the road as well, but 39% of respondents strongly agreed that apps for audio/music would drain battery and 46% strongly agreed that those programs use too much mobile data.

Half of the participants said they listen to radio for community news. The root extend into other activities: 41% follow a station on social media, and the same percentage participates in contests held by stations.Finally, 53% of the respondents tune in to hear their favorite songs on the radio. Forty-two percent do so for music discovery, with 28% specifically looking to discover popular songs.


Anna Washenko


  1. My reason would be to hear favorite songs and also discover some new songs.

  2. To learn new songs. To hear new artists. To learn the national news.

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