Cadence13 and Jon Meacham jointly form Shining City Audio podcast studio

The C13Originals division of Audacy-owned Cadence13, and author/historian Jon Meacham, are teaming to create Shining City Audio, a podcast studio for creating history shows. Cadence13 and Meacham are known for two existing shows which exemplify the venture’s purpose: Hope, Through History (difficult times in American history) and It Was Said (influential speeches).

Jon Meacham will Exec Produce in the new unit, along with Cadence13’s Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran.

New podcasts are in the works for the 2021 slate. Fate of Fact, written by Meacham and launching this week (April 28), examines the question of how and why so many conservative Americans have become prone to disinformation and anti-democratic narratives. A second show will be a daily production based on that day in history. A documentary called History is Us, written by Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr., a Princeton professor, will explore how historical failures in American history shape the present.

Also, a sports version of It Was Said, is in progress, looking at timeless sports speeches.

“I’m honored to be part of the Cadence13 team,” Meacham said. “Our mission is straightforward: To use this amazing genre of storytelling to try to shed light in a public arena where it’s easier—and more common—to generate heat. The issues are so important—race, power, wealth, truth itself. Here’s hoping we can be a place where listeners will find perspectives they might not have expected—points of view and angles of vision that will help in the work of being engaged and, ideally, enlightened citizens at a difficult hour in the life of the nation.”

“Jon has been an incredible partner within the Cadence13 family, and the work that we’ve already created together is something that we’re very proud of,” said Chris Corcoran. “We’re honored to be able to deepen our relationship with Jon and create this amazing new imprint together with the continued objective of connecting listeners with history. Having Dr. Eddie Glaude and Coach Doc Rivers join us for this new imprint is beyond special, and we can’t wait to all get to work on building something historic together.”


Brad Hill