Hillary Clinton to launch podcast with iHeartMedia

Titles¬†You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton, the ex-Secratary of State is down for hosting an iHeartRadio Original Podcast. It’s too facile to say this project was inspired by Michelle Obama’s show on Spotify, but it does optically represent a counterpoint. Launching september 29, it’ll be a conversational program, featuring what we think is a pretty interesting lineup of guests. Click through for details and to hear the trailer. Continue Reading

Inside Radio’s Top 10 Most Powerful People in Podcasting

After soliciting over 400 nominations, Inside Radio and its sister publication Podcast News Daily have released a top-10 list of podcasting executives. That evidently not being sufficient to represent the field, there is also a second list of 32 “Podcast Power Players.” Conal Byrne (President, iHeartPodcast Network and RAIN Summit speaker) took the top honor. Click through for the top-10 list. Continue Reading

iHeartPodcast Network Australia’s new partnerships: Audioboom & Kast Media

iHeartPodcast Netweork’s Australian subsidiary, which is managed by media group ARN, is starting the week with an announcement of two network partnerships: Audioboom and Kast Media. ARN is also releasing listenership numbers showing May as a strong month (+6%), along with a 22% rise during the pandemic period of mid-March through june. Continue Reading

iHeartMedia introduces new podcast of commencement wisdom for 2020 graduates

iHeartMedia’s latest new podcast is an effort to recapture a note of normalcy for students. The new show is titled Commencement: Speeches for the Class of 2020. Each episode will feature insights and advice from celebrity speakers aimed at high school and college students who will not have graduation ceremonies because of the coronavirus pandemic. Continue Reading