Inside Radio’s Top 10 Most Powerful People in Podcasting

After soliciting over 400 nominations, Inside Radio and its sister publication Podcast News Daily have released a top-10 list of podcasting executives. Final decision were made b y the editorial board. Go HERE to see the list.

Conal Byrne gets the #1 spot — he is President of the iHeartPodcast Network, the staunch #1 or #2 listee in Podtrac’s monthly ranking of podcast publishers.

Conal Byrne

Here is the entire list:

  1. Conal Byrne, President, iHeartPodcast Network
  2. Sam Dolnick, Assistant Managing Editor, New York Times
  3. Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content Officer, Spotify
  4. Anya Grundmann, SVP for Programming and Audience Development, NPR
  5. Ben Cave, Global Head of Podcasts, Apple
  6. Kerri Hoffman, President/CEO, PRX
  7. Erik Diehn, CEO, Stitcher
  8. N’Jeri Eaton, Apple Podcasts
  9. Hernan Lopez, CEO, Wondery
  10. Shonda Rhimes, Founder, Shonaland Audio

Apparently thinking that 10 people do not sufficiently represent the podcast elite, Inside Radio supplement the top-10 honorees with a second list of 32 people, called “Podcast Power Players.” That list contains a mix of recognized executives (e.g. BrendanĀ  Monaghan, CEO Megaphone), star podcasting entrepreneurs (Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire), network heads (Chris Morrow, CEO, The Loud Speakers Network), marketing executives, (Christy Mirabal, Sony VP of Marketing), and producers (Julie Snyder, Co-creator, Serial).

Go HERE to see both lists.


Brad Hill