ARN partners with Magellan AI to release Australian top podcast advertiser list

Australian media company and podcast publisher ARN has partnered with podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI to create and release a report of the top 15 advertisers across the layer of top 400 Australian podcasts. Click through for the results, and how they relate to Magellan’s recent U.S. lists. Continue Reading

ARN iHeartPodcast Network’s listening growth across categories: COVID success

ARN, the Australian media group which manages the iHeartPodcast Network on that continent, released listening numbers that could fairly describe a COVID success story. Podcast tech company Megaphone measured ARN listening from January to mid-March, and compared it to mid-March through June. Several categories, and overall listening, rose during the COVID period.
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iHeartPodcast Network Australia’s new partnerships: Audioboom & Kast Media

iHeartPodcast Netweork’s Australian subsidiary, which is managed by media group ARN, is starting the week with an announcement of two network partnerships: Audioboom and Kast Media. ARN is also releasing listenership numbers showing May as a strong month (+6%), along with a 22% rise during the pandemic period of mid-March through june. Continue Reading