iHeartPodcast Network Australia re-ups with Audioboom

iHeartPodcast Network Australia, which is operated by radio/audio network ARN, has renewed its commercial partnership with podcast company Audioboom, re-upping the arrangement for two years.

The deal has ARN selling ads in Audioboom podcasts to Australian buyers. On the flip side, iHeartPodcast Network Australia extends its available inventory across Audioboom shows. The arrangement creates an important international vector to Audioboom and more money for both companies.

The latest edition of Triton Digital’s Australian Podcast Report (covering March) shows ARN/iHeartMedia as the #1 podcast publisher by a wide margin, with nearly 13-million downloads across a catalog of 389 active shows. In the same list, Audioboom appears as #3 with 275 shows. In the show-specific portion of Triton’s list, Audioboom’s Casefile True Crime is the top podcast and Stuff  You Should Know (in ARN/iHeartPodcast Network) is the #2 show. So the alliance seems a natural fit for both leaders.

Of the partnership, Audioboom’s CEO, Stuart Last said, “ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network has delivered exceptional commercial opportunities for our podcasts and we are pleased to extend our partnership. We are looking forward to continuing to work together to create opportunities for brands in Australia to reach our diverse audiences.”

ARN’s Head of Audio Corey Layton said, “This is a great day for the iHeartPodcast Network as we continue to strengthen our offering as Australia’s #1 podcast publisher. Our partnership with Audioboom gives brands access to some of the world’s most compelling and popular content, from the true crime thrills of Casefile to the entertaining No Such Thing As A Fish as part of our diverse podcast slate.”


Brad Hill