PRX gets distro/sponsorship agreements with Magnificent Noise, WaitWhat, and Skeptoid Media

PRX has evidently been busy making deals, and today released three of them. The public media organization is partnering with Magnificent Noise, WaitWhat, and Skeptoid Media to distribute selected podcasts, and provide sponsorship and promotional support. Click for details. Continue Reading


AdLarge joins with G Networks for “ad sales powerhouse”

AdLarge is announcing today an audio ad sales partnership with G Networks, a content, marketing, and sales company. In the arrangement, AdLarge will oversee the management, sales, and fulfillment of the network audio ad sales inventory for both companies. G Networks will continue to offer its programming and services through their existing affiliations team to radio stations across the U.S. Continue Reading


Google loses patent suit vs Sonos, downgrades Nest features for speaker groups

A patent lawsuit pertained to Sonos controls of speaker groups, and Google lost all five counts of infringement that Sonos bought against the company’s Nest speaker technology — smart speakers which embody the Google Assistant artificial intelligence. Rather than pay royalties to Sonos, Google is downgrading a certain cluster of features in its smart speakers. Users aren’t thrilled. Click for details. Continue Reading


Podcasters now have a large catalog of (very old) music to legally use

Before this year, no music recording has ever resided in the public domain under U.S. federal copyright law. As of January 1 the situation has changed: Any recording made before 1923 is in the public domain now, and can be freely used. Not much practical application for podcasters, admittedly. But 400,000 records released to free use is a blockbuster milestone in music copyright, and a fascinating trove. Click through for collections that anyone can explore. Continue Reading


James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: Radio vs Spotify — some data

by James Cridland

James Cridland returns with the latest installment of his weekly column. In this edition, how Spotify is eating into AM/FM listening — data is from Morgan Stanley. Also: The BBC in the pandemic. AM radio declining in Europe. Collectors of radio station beers. And much more. Continue Reading


Spotify intros interactive call-to-action cards for podcast advertisers, reducing reliance on discount codes

Spotify is hoping a new podcast advertiser product — call-to-action cards — will bring interactivity to podcast sponsorship, allow listeners to easily pursue advertised offers, and double the benefit of podcast advertising to companies which offer products directly to consumers. The cards exited a testing period into formal launch today. Continue Reading