James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: Momentum 24, and the BBC’s ads

by James Cridland

In his latest edition of International Radio Trends, guest columnist James Cridland summarizes the Christian Music Broadcasters conference “a radio conference like no other.” — dancing before sessions, bands playing between speakers — “never such a positive and vocal audience. (And he “never felt so old, so British, so reserved.”) Then, back to a key topic lately in this column: The BBC’s plan to insert ads into podcasts. He calls it “penalising the UK public.” Plus much more from Australia and Canada. It’s not called “International” for nothing. Continue Reading

Spotify raises subscription rates; pitches innovation, features, and “best experience”

National news organizations are headlining Spotify news this morning: The international streaming giant will raise its premium subscription price. One national publication puts the pricing decision in the context of “Streaming Inflation Continues.” Spotify raised its subscription rates a year ago; before that was a 12-year stretch of stable pricing. Continue Reading

Frequency partners with Barometer for contextual targeting of podcast ads

Workflow automation and audio ad management provider Frequency is partnering with Barometer, a specialist in brand suitability and contextual targeting solutions for podcasting. The key to this arrangement is combining Barometer’s Brand Suitability and Contextual Targeting to Frequency’s Audio Ad Management Platform. The companies promise that this solution gives advertisers “enhanced capabilities for curating the ideal context to reach listeners.” Click for details. Continue Reading

Podcast listeners: Scaled and upscaled (Cumulus Media / Westwood One)

“The state of podcasts” — that’s the title of the newest Audioscape study from Cumulus Media. In it, we learn that podcast audience growth is “on a tear,” and podcast audience demographics are favorable to advertisers. We learn about podcast listening hot spots in the U.S., view a timeline of advertiser perceptions of podcasts, and much more. Click through for a review with graphs and download links for the deck and video. Continue Reading