ART19 announces growth of its targeted podcast marketplace, now 200 shows

ART19, the hosting, distribution, ad-serving, and audience measurement podcast company, is announcing today that its targeted podcast marketplace includes over 200 ongoing shows. This announcement is a follow-on from the company’s well publicized recruitment of Lex Friedman and Korri Kolesa from Sticher/Midroll in April. Continue Reading


Libsyn joins ranks of IAB 2.0-certified podcast companies

Libsyn, which self-identifies as the first-ever, and largest podcast hosting company, is announcing today that it has been granted IAB certification for its podcast analytics. Libsyn has been applying the IAB guidelines since 2017; the certification signals to advertisers that Libsyn’s audience measurements do officially apply the guidelines correctly. Continue Reading


Townsquare Media Q2 earnings: Revenue gains, spiking stock, and digital initiatives

Townsquare Media’s Q2 earnings call was hosted this morning by CEO Bill Wilson and EVP/CFO Stuart Rosenstein. In it, the radio group reinforced its primary identity as a “premier local and digital marketing solutions company.” As in the Q1 report, Townsquare’s digital initiatives led the company’s business. Continue Reading


Daniel Ek on podcasting, audiobooks, global ambition, and competitors

As if often the case, much of the interesting content during Spotify’s Q2 earnings call this week transpired during the investor Q&A. There, CEO Daniel Ek and Head of Investor Relations Paul Vogel spoke of the company’s global ambitions, how podcasting is shaking out for Spotify, and a mention of audiobooks. Click through for quotes. Continue Reading


Spotify Viva Latino! playlist exceeds 10m followers. Some perspective on that.

We got word this morning that Spotify’s popular in-house playlist Viva Latino! playlist now has more than 10-million followers (10,099,861 as of this writing). A rating of 10-million users is a milestone achievement, and Viva’s success is an indicator of the extent to which music playlists compete with CDs, radio stations, and even successful TV programs. Continue Reading


AdsWizz partners with Tapad for smoother digital identity across devices

Tapad, a New York-based global ad tech company specializing in digital identities, is announcing today an agreement with audio ad-tech platform AdsWizz. The deal weds Tapad’s key product — the “Tapad Graph” — into AdsWizz’s programmatic AudioMatic platform. The purpose here is to enable digital audio advertisers to smartly reach consumers across their devices. Continue Reading