Google podcast search evolves, and demotes Google Podcasts for listening

In 2019 Google introduced direct podcast playback within Google search results that year. We thought it was a terrific innovation that could significantly grow the “ever listened to a podcast” population in research surveys. In Q1 of this year Google disappointingly (in our opinion) removed that feature from Google Search. We test how Google represents podcasts in mobile and desktop. Click for screenshots. Continue Reading

Instreamatic enhances its Contextual Audio Ads product with celebrity voices

Calling it “groundbreaking technology,” AI audio advertising platform Instreamatic is promoting its Contextual Audio Ads product. Today’s PR promotes two key features. Using AI, a near-infinite number of customization can be made for accurate targeting. Also, AI-cloned celebrity voices are available. Click for details and Instreamatic’s video demonstration. Continue Reading

Moms: Avid online audio users (Edison Research)

Edison Research released its fifth Moms and Media survey. The fieldwork is a spinoff of The Infinite Dial, in which 1,500 12+ people are queried about their online preferences and habits. In this cut, “Mom” is defined as a woman having at least one child under 18 living in her household. Click for results, graphic charts, and the download link. Continue Reading