YouTube “easier” than Spotify for podcast listening. Also “more enjoyable.” Oh, and makes better recommendations. (Coleman/Amplifi)

A new Coleman Insights / Amplifi Media survey, respondents were asked to compare their podcast listening experience across YouTube, Spotify, and Apple. YouTube shines in these opinion snapshots. The study is sponsored by Locked On Network, which publishes its audio podcasts comprehensively on YouTube. Continue Reading

Podcast listeners split over how a podcast should be defined (Coleman Insights / Amplifi Media)

In a survey of 1,000 15- to 64-year-old podcast consumers in the United States, 75% say a podcast should be defined as ‘audio-only or available with video,’ 22% say a podcast is ‘audio-only,’ while 3% define a podcast as ‘video-only. This and other results from Coleman Insights and Amplifi Media. Presentation Thursday at Podcast Movement. Continue Reading

Coleman Insights analyzes song vintages in radio vs. streaming

Coleman Insights has launched a new series of blog posts about listening and engagement habits for music across various platforms. The first post addresses questions of timing and shelf life. An analysis of 26 consecutive weeks of Billboard’s on-demand charts to determine the age of songs that people most choose to listen to, then compared that song vintage metric with Billboard’s top 10 radio hits. Continue Reading


Coleman survey reveals how under-40 consumers use radio and streaming

A small but revealing study by Coleman Insights illuminates how consumers think of radio, how they listen to music in different locations, and how the NextRadio mobile broadcast app could be more effectively marketed. The key takeaway is that radio is conceived as an in-car medium, but not a mobile one. Continue Reading