RIAA: At $2B, streaming was music’s top revenue source in 2015

2015 was a banner year for streaming. The RIAA released its results for the past year and found that streaming was not just the biggest segment of digital revenue, but also the largest component of industry revenue, period. The performance for 2015 demonstrated that streaming music continues its rise in both cultural and financial importance for the music industry. Continue Reading

Norway sees increased streaming music revenue, decreased piracy

A recent IFPI survey revealed insights into the music industry in Norway. The survey found that streaming secured a larger portion of the country’s annual market sales value at 75%. Downloads were just 11% and physical formats were 14%. In 2013, streaming accounted for just 66% of the market, and physical sales had a 22% share. Continue Reading

Coleman Insights analyzes song vintages in radio vs. streaming

Coleman Insights has launched a new series of blog posts about listening and engagement habits for music across various platforms. The first post addresses questions of timing and shelf life. An analysis of 26 consecutive weeks of Billboard’s on-demand charts to determine the age of songs that people most choose to listen to, then compared that song vintage metric with Billboard’s top 10 radio hits. Continue Reading


Classical music fans get an HD streaming service thanks to Naxos

Today, we wrote about how The Overflow’s Christian and gospel music streaming app could be signaling a new trend toward niche genre services. Fitting then that shortly after publishing, we heard that Naxos announced the global launch of a classical music service. ClassicsOnline HD is both a streaming service and a download store specializing in high-definition and lossless classical music files. Continue Reading

The Overflow goes niche with Christian streaming app

A new streaming service called The Overflow has crossed the border from Canada, bringing its database of Christian music to U.S. listeners. For now, it is only available as an iOS app, but Billboard reported that a web version is in the works. The company uses 7digital, which recently embarked on project for higher-quality audio formats in streaming. Continue Reading