YouTube “easier” than Spotify for podcast listening. Also “more enjoyable.” Oh, and makes better recommendations. (Coleman/Amplifi)

YouTube is not a sponsor of a new Coleman Insights / Amplifi Media survey; let’s get that clear. But YouTube certainly shines in the survey results, where respondents were asked to compare their podcast listening experience across YouTube, Spotify, and Apple.

When the survey asked users of both YouTube and Spotify to evaluate their experience, YouTube scored these favorables:

  • “More enjoyable to consume your podcasts on,” 70%-30%
  • “Easier to use,” 67%-33% 
  • “Makes better podcast recommendations,” 62%-38%

Swinging over to a YouTube / Apple comparison, YouTube was scored:

  • “Easier to use,” 76%-24% 
  • “More enjoyable to consume your podcasts on,” 71%-29% 
  • “Makes better podcast recommendations,” 68%-32%

This research is sponsored by Locked On Network — a sprawling collection of individual team podcasts across all major sports. Locked On enjoys a massive installation on YouTube, so this survey pertains to the company’s dedication to video consumption.

According to Jay Nachlis, Vice President/Consultant at Coleman Insights, while the results may be surprising, they track with other findings throughout the study. Nachlis said, “YouTube is the most used podcast platform, and those who use it are very satisfied.”

Steve Goldstein, Founder/CEO at Amplifi Media, adds a balanced view: “YouTube is not for every podcaster, and four out of 10 consumers still prefer to listen to their favorite podcast in an audio-only format. But these findings show a robust and engaged YouTube audience that represents a significant podcast audience development opportunity.”

A formal live presentation of the study happens tomorrow (Thursday) at Podcast Movement in Denver.

Brad Hill