Over five years: Terrestrial radio -13%, podcasting +266% (Cumulus/Edison)

Cumulus Media / Westwood One has released its 2022 Audioscape bundle of research metrics under the banner of its Audio Active Group brand led by Chief Insights Office Pierre Bouvard. In it, Cumulus draws information from four research sources: Edison Research (“The Infinite Idal” and “Share of Ear,” the second of which is a private subscription product), maru/matchbox, Nielsen, and Advertiser Perceptions.

There is a lot to look at in this 69-page deck. (Get it HERE.) Today, one striking  and revealing chart:

Here we see that in five years, terrestrial radio listening lost 13% share, while podcasting gained nearly 3x (266%) share.

“Since 2016, growth in ad-supported audio has come a bit from AM/FM radio streaming but mostly from podcasts, whose shares have tripled,” notes Cumulus.

Podcasting share has grown even more in the 18-34 demo, from 8% in 2016 to 21% in 2021. Terrestrial radio’s share in that cohort during the same period dropped to 48% from 59%. INTERESTING NOTE: Pandora’s share of listening in the 18-34 group dropped from 17% to 8% during the five-year span.


Brad Hill