Westwood One commissions study to highlight advertiser (mis)perception of AM/FM reach

In addition to the disruptive challenges faced by traditional radio as streaming continues to grow, there might be a perceptual challenge for the industry’s relationship with advertisers. That’s what Westwood One sought to reveal in a commissioned study from research company Advertiser Perceptions, the results of which can be interpreted to indicate that radio has greater consumer reach than buyers perceive. Continue Reading


Norman Pattiz on building a podcast empire: “Since there is no industry, I’m just doing it myself.”

“I don’t have to be doing this,” Norman Pattiz said about his new business. We assumed as much about the retired founder of Westwood One, the giant radio content syndicator he started in 1976. But he is doing it, and we wanted to know why, how, and where he wants to take it. Continue Reading