Podcasting spot load is 5% as brand advertising grows and revenue steadies (Magellan / Westwood One)

In a data-rich blog post informed by Magellan AI research, Westwood One has published a raft of research findings about podcast advertising. The headline is that podcast advertising is “pandemic proof,” based on the field’s resiliency from pandemic disruption. The study examines month-over-month and quarterly trendlines to track the stability of podcast advertising, a consistently low spot load (to use a radio term), and the continued emergence of brand advertising. Click through for numbers and graphics. Continue Reading

Westwood One asked advertisers about podcasting. Results are forward-looking.

Last week we poked around a public Westwood One podcast survey, and reported our impressions. Today, Westwood One releases the results, in both an executive summary format, and a detailed Powerpoint PDF. One of the most interesting aspects of the PDF is that it relates dozens of verbatim predictions about podcasting revenue growth. Continue Reading

Survey: 75% of agencies and marketers are talking about podcast advertising

Along with its annual Podcast Download report, Westwood One has shared some insights from its survey by Advertiser Perceptions this week. The 2019 edition included 302 agencies and marketers. It found that although consideration of podcast advertising flattened after several years of growth, discussions about the subject has continued to increase. Continue Reading