Top 3 podcast advertisers unchanged in November; $57M spent by top 15 (Magellan)

In Magellan AI’s reckoning of the top podcast advertisers (by spend) in November, we see a lot of repetition from the previous months. Eleven of the top 15 advertisers in the previous month of October landed on the November list again. We do some month-over month analysis, and a six-month comparison. Click for the numbers, graphs, and top-line points. Continue Reading

Three brands dominate podcast ad spend; $48M in top-15 (Magellan AI, October)

In Magellan AI’s reckoning of the top podcast advertisers (by spend) in October, we see a lot of repetition from the previous months. Nine of the top 15 in the previous month of September landed on the October list again. BetterHelp was the top advertiser, continuing a long streak of supremacy. Click for more analysis and graphs. Continue Reading

Biden and Trump campaigns advertise(d) in podcasting, but differently (Magellan AI)

In one of its most imaginative studies to date, Magellan AI has released data showing how the two main party presidential campaigns have used podcast marketing. The quick summary is that both campaigns have advertised in podcasts, but on different schedules and in different ways. Click through for details and graphics. Continue Reading

Podcasting spot load is 5% as brand advertising grows and revenue steadies (Magellan / Westwood One)

In a data-rich blog post informed by Magellan AI research, Westwood One has published a raft of research findings about podcast advertising. The headline is that podcast advertising is “pandemic proof,” based on the field’s resiliency from pandemic disruption. The study examines month-over-month and quarterly trendlines to track the stability of podcast advertising, a consistently low spot load (to use a radio term), and the continued emergence of brand advertising. Click through for numbers and graphics. Continue Reading

Magellan tracks industries increasing their podcast spending in quarantine

Podcast companies have, understandably, been closely monitoring how listening habits are changing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Data about listening is key in how podcasts forge deals with advertisers, and brands’ ad budgets have also been impacted by the virus outbreak. Magellan’s latest blog post offers insights into the industries that are increasing their podcast ad spending. Continue Reading

Magellan: Coronavirus coverage is dominating many podcast categories

Magellan published a blog post assessing how coronavirus content has taken over a wide swath of the podcasting world. It suggested that focusing on the pandemic could wind up being costly. Many companies are looking to avoid putting advertisements on content discussing the virus, but podcasts of all genres are increasingly putting a focus on the pandemic. Continue Reading

Magellan research: How is coronavirus affecting podcast advertising?

With the coronavirus crisis saturating media news, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that quarantine references would seep into podcast advertising — especially when podcasts hosts are controlling the message to a large extent. Magellan, and podcast advertising analytics company, examined the phenomenon.  Continue Reading

Magellan extends to the UK with its top podcast advertiser ranking

Magellan, the podcast advertising intelligence company, announces today that it is expanding its flagship public product — top 15 podcast advertisers — to the UK. The top-15 lists have been appearing monthly, representing advertisers in the American market. The new UK list will represent advertisers targeting UK listeners. The announcement was made today at the 8th annual RAIN Summit Europe in London. Continue Reading