Top 3 podcast advertisers unchanged in November; $57M spent by top 15 (Magellan)

In Magellan AI’s reckoning of the top podcast advertisers (by spend) in November, we see a lot of repetition from the previous months. Eleven of the top 15 advertisers in the previous month of October landed on the November list again.

Even more persistently, the top three advertisers remain unchanged. That stability among the biggest spenders is even more persistent: The top three advertisers have maintained their positions for six consecutive months, as shown in the RAIN graphic below:

And there is a larger stability as well; the November reckoning shows 11 repeats from the previous month, albeit ordered differently in the list:


Yellow highlights indicate repeat placements from the previous month; not necessarily in the same positions.

BetterHelp (an online counseling and therapy service) doesn’t merely top the list month over month (in our records going back to early 2021), it does so with mighty monthly investments in podcasting compared to others. The November investment was $9.4-million (an increase of $1.1M over the previous month. ). Amazon, ranking #2 on the spend list, invested $1.9-million in podcast marketing (also a $1.1M increase). Every company on the November list spent at least $1.9-million.

Magellan’s list below; see the source HERE.)


Brad Hill