Podcast listeners can’t be paid to stop listening, and other insights (Acast)

Acast released a handful of metrics resulting from a survey of U.S. podcast listeners. The survey date and size are undisclosed, but the purpose was “to discover the most significant trends for audiences from this year.”

A handful of results are described in a blog post extensively titled “You Are What You Listen To: Six Key Podcasting Trends in 2023 According to US Listeners – And What it Means for the Year Ahead.” (See it HERE.)

Acast teased out six trends from its survey field. Of those, we are most fascinated by a hypothetical offer to survey participants of $500 in exchange for NOT listening to podcasts for a year. Acast (disappointingly) does not tell us the actual survey result to that hypothetical, but does note that the “No” answer rose 30% from last year’s answer. Acast calls this “stunning.” It could be — for example if 50% rose to 65%, but not so much if 5% rose to 6.5%.

In-car listening is a star result in this research. A substantial 81% of respondents listen while in the car, and that’s up a nudge from last year. Acast expects the upward trend to continue next year.

A large majority of participants said they discuss podcasts they listen to with friends and family. This metric “speaks to the ability of podcasts to foster communities of listeners.”

We are intrigued by a comparison with audiobooks. Among respondents who listen to both formats, 66% said it “was easier to focus on” a podcast than an audiobook.

The study is presented as a general pitch to advertisers, and and is presented HERE.

Brad Hill