Amazon is top podcast spender in December, dethroning BetterHelp (Magellan)

It’s not a competition. But we observe that in December Amazon invested more in podcast advertising than perennial budget champ BetterHelp. This from Magellan AI’s December 2023 reckoning of top-spending podcast advertisers.

It’s a slim margin: Amazon’s spend ($8,167,800) edged BetterHelp’s investment ($7,972,200) by 2.3%.

Another notable observation in the December report: 12 of the 15 spenders also placed in the November ranking. There is always plenty of repetition month-over-month, but we haven’t seen this much in over six months. The richest supporters of podcasting are steady supporters.

In the RAIN News graph below, the yellow highlight indicates month-after-month placement. HEre, we are showing all of Q4.

Yellow highlights indicate month-over-month repeat placements on the list.

Below are the December top spenders with their investment amounts:

Magellan’s source list is HERE.)

Brad Hill