Magellan extends to the UK with its top podcast advertiser ranking

Magellan, the podcast advertising intelligence company, announces today that it is expanding its flagship public product — top 15 podcast advertisers — to the UK. The top-15 lists have been appearing monthly, representing advertisers in the American market. The new UK list will represent advertisers targeting UK listeners.

The announcement was made today at the 8th annual RAIN Summit Europe in London. Magellan is also publishing the announcement HERE.

“Just because a podcast ranks highly in the UK doesn’t mean it’s serving up ads tailored to that market,” Magellan says. “In fact, the audio files being served up were the same between the US and the UK for 24% of the podcasts we analyzed during September.”

The company also notes some overlap in sponsors, like ZipRecruiter, Rocket Mortgage, and HelloFresh. Magellan carries on the U.S. practice of providing audio examples of the top 15 advertisers each month, and it is interesting (and refreshing) to hear many familiar brand sponsor announcements voiced in British accents.

See the inaugural top 15 UK podcast advertisers HERE.


Brad Hill