Podcast Radio announces launch plan for full-time podcast programming in London

Podcast Radio, claiming to be the world’s first 24-hour radio station devoted exclusively to podcasts, has announced its intention to launch in London. Founded by consultant Paul Chantler and PodcastKing founder Gerry Edwards, Podcast Radio will showcase podcasts from all over the globe enabling content providers to market and promote their audio across broadcast radio.

The announcement was debuted today at the 8th annual RAIN Summit Europe, produced in the Congress Centre in London. Launch is expected by end of year.

CEO Gerry Edwards says: “Podcast Radio will allow listeners to discover, engage with and consume an ever-changing and diverse range of podcasts
across all genres.” The new station will broadcast on DAB+ to a potential audience of 12 million people in the capital.

Consultant Paul Chantler, who previously helped set up successful builder and tradespeople station Fix Radio in 2017, has been working with Edwards to
develop the concept and execution of Podcast Radio since the spring.

“The popularity of podcasts and live radio is intoxicating. Radio is a natural way for people to sample different podcast content and find out what
they like so they can download more episodes,” Chantler said.

In the U.S., iHeartMedia has experimented with programming podcasts in some of its radio stations on some days of the week. As far as we know, Podcast Radio will be the first all-podcast radio station.

Brad Hill