Podcast listeners over-index in categories important to advertisers (Westwood One)

U.S. Podcast listeners exceed national medians in several categories which advertisers value, such as employment, income, and education. These just-released numbers come from Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard on the Westwood One blog, and are sourced from Edison Research, Nielsen, and the Podcast Download from Cumulus Media, Westwood One’s parent.

“The podcast audience profile is exceptionally attractive,” Bouvard writes. It’s an unusual assertion in this blog, which frequently evangelizes the radio listening experience and buying opportunity.

Podcast listeners are younger than radio and network TV users; that’s the first learning divulged in the blog. The median age for podcastlistenersis 34, compared to 48 for radio and 54 for TV.

A second knowledge graphic illustrates how podcast listeners over-index for seven attributes important to advertisers>

  • Full-time employment
  • White-collar occupation
  • “Management, business, financial or professional/related occupation” (we’re not sure how the Nielsen research unpacks this definition)
  • Household income $75,000 and above
  • Household income $100,000 and above
  • Graduation from college
  • Post-graduate degree

“The podcast audience profile is exceptionally attractive,” says Bouvard. See the blog post for exact numbers and graphics.


Brad Hill