Podsights expands to attribution measurement of streaming audio

Podsights makes a brief announcement that it has expanded beyond its original purview of podcast advertising attribution. Additionally, the company says, it will introduce its technology to streaming music and online radio.

The new facility seems to be in place now for some brands, the company says: “Whether you’re a podcast advertiser thinking about investing in streaming audio ads or an advertiser who already advertises on streaming audio, we’re here to help you measure those campaigns through pixel-based attribution. You can now find trackable results for both your streaming audio and podcasts ads all within your Podsights dashboard.”

At the same time, the company notes that “it is not available for all brands yet.”

In an email conversation with Podsights co-founder Andy Pellett, he told us the decision to expand came from advertiser demand: “We’ve seen demand from customers who are buying in both podcasts and streaming to be able to measure their audio advertising in a uniform way, apples to apples. We’re working with a few of the larger streaming publishers as we roll this out to all customers over the next few weeks.”

Podsights also recently announced Podsights Advisor, which provides predictive recommendations to brands about which podcasts to advertise on. It’s an AI contextual analysis product scheduled for launch in October. (See RAIN coverage of the IAB Podcast Upfront where it was announced.)


Brad Hill