Podsights Covid-19 survey indicates optimism in the business side of podcasting

Podsights, a podcast research and attribution firm, put a survey into the field with general questions about the future of podcasting, and more specific focal points on audience uptake and advertising spend during the coronavirus phase.

One-hundred and ten individuals responded to the Podsights field work. Nearly half were publishers; slightly more than 45% were agency respondents; the rest brands. The report summary is HERE. Podsights also generously posted the raw metrics HERE.

The survey questionnaire allowed question skipping, and that feature was well  taken advantage of, unfortunately. Many of the questions received much less than half, or about half of the field responding. The samples in several questions are too small to matter.

Podsights also released a sample of its own measurement stats.

Of interest is a general steadiness of podcast listening (according to Podsights measurement), and also an optimism in the survey field. The following chart is the publisher survey response indicating coronavirus listening:

The news and health categories are unsurprisingly surging during this period, according to survey publishers.

There is a stability to the situation among advertisers. Over 605 said there is no change in their podcast spending during the coronavirus period. And the categories of spending in podcasts have not changed for 805 of respondents.


Brad Hill