Podtrac weekly coronavirus update: Listening drops across the board, uptick for business shows

Podtrac continues its very interesting year-to-date and week-over-week charting of podcast downloads and audience size. Today’s update goes through March 29.

The short story is that downloads and audience are on a downward trend over three weeks, while week-over-week audience ticked up a bit in the most recent measured week.


New in this report, Podtrac has added arrays of micro charts for 19 major podcast categories. In these, we see interesting stories being told of attention paid to different types of content. It can be understood as a kind of sociological study of listening in a stressful era.

In the chart below, note the upward spike in business shows, alongside the downward interest in government shows. Likewise fiction is zooming along with true crime, while health is drooping (along with sports shows, perfectly natural as most sports cancelled).

See the entire report and all charts HERE.

Brad Hill