Apple’s COVID-19 mobility trends show routines returning to normal (maybe)

Is the world returning to normal life? There are many answers to that question. One set of answers can be derived from information released by Apple. The company has released a fascinating dataset of mobility information, covering the period from January 13 to June 8. The info comes from Apple Maps, and carries three trendlines: Driving, Walking, and Transit.  Continue Reading

Pandora: survey results encourage advertisers during Covid-19; audio samples of streaming ads

The collapse of travel during the Covid-19 pandemic is discouraging to the tourism industry. But streaming giant Pandora is using consumer survey results to encourage advertisers to adjust their messaging in afeel-good, look-forward way. Click through for two streaming audio ads running on Pandora — from Costa Rica Tourism, and from Proctor & Gamble. Continue Reading

Podtrac weekly coronavirus update: Listening drops across the board, uptick for business shows

Podtrac continues its very interesting year-to-date and week-over-week charting of podcast downloads and audience size. New in this report, Podtrac has added arrays of micro charts for 19 major podcast categories. In these, we see interesting stories being told of attention paid to different types of content. It can be understood as a kind of sociological study of listening in a stressful era. Continue Reading