Pandora: survey results encourage advertisers during Covid-19; audio samples of streaming ads

The collapse of travel during the Covid-19 pandemic is discouraging to the tourism industry. But streaming giant Pandora is using consumer survey results to encourage advertisers to adjust their messaging in afeel-good, look-forward way.

One study is from GlobalWebIndex, as described by eMarketer. In it, U.S. a majority of internet users surveyed agreed that advertisers should continue advertise as normal during the pandemic. Only 27% disagreed. Another survey by Kantar concluded that only eight percent of respondents wanted advertising should stop.

A Pandora spokesperson sent over an example of a tourism audio spot (from Costa Rica Tourism) that looks toward a post-Covid traveling world:


Another example, from the consumer goods realm, likewise acknowledges the Covid crisis in a feel-good way — this one is from Proctor & Gamble for Pampers diapers.


The Connected Home version of the spot also switches out the call-to-action to be relevant for the home environment. It asks people to visit the website instead of the “tap now” messaging that is in the mobile audio spot.

Pandora notes that with over a third of listeners spending more time listening with others, the one-to-many messaging opportunity is bigger than ever before. Furthermore, we are told, of every 100 paid media impressions, a marketer receives 37 additional impressions due to co-listening.

Brad Hill