Podsights measures CPMs, conversion rates, and brand lift in latest Benchmark Report

Podsights released an update to its Podsights Benchmark Report series, this one analyzing data collected in Q1 through Q4 of 2020.

During that span the report collected 2.5-billion impressions across 1,274 campaigns bought by 421 brands at a total cost of $65-million.

The document (which is available for free HERE), starts out with an overall account of impressions, conversion rate, and number of visitors to marketed websites, broken out by size of the campaign spend, illustrating what outcomes and advertiser can expect at different spend levels:

Sean Creeley, Podsights founder, notes, ” Campaigns with less than 400k impressions generally convert better than mid-tier campaigns. The audience is more niche for these shows, making it easier to find the right brand fit.” For anyone who thinks small is better than big, Creeley advises: “Do I think you should all start messing around with teeny tiny campaigns, no. Do I think you should diversify, yes.”

The report breaks our visitor lift by industry (see below). This is “incremental lift,” measuring “increase in conversions from podcast advertising vs. doing nothing at all.” (Podsights has more information about incremental lift here.)

The report contains an affluence of measurement and graphs that dig deep into rock-hard campaign performance indicators including purchases resulting from podcast ads. (Hint: The “Bev. & Restaurants” category wins that department.)

Brad Hill