Who won the funny at the the IAB Podcast Upfronts? [video]

When the IAB Podcast Upfront went virtual for Covid (last fall and again this week), the event changed from stagecraft to videocraft. Pre-Covid, the “stagecraft” was lifted from business conferences mainly — Powerpoint presentations, fireside chats, and panels for the most part. We remember Marc Maron describing the early days of WTF in the first year, and Shaq harassing PodcastOne founder Norm Pattiz.

In the on-screen version, the Podcast Upfront expanded to three days and over 30 prerecorded brand presentations. The overall effect was both accelerated and longer — more exhilarating and exhausting.

Sheer silliness was unleashed from time to time, and we were uplifted and delighted by those moments. Here, we offer two (informal and completely subjective) “win the funny” call-outs. Each of these companies wins … well, nothing at all. In fact, they both worked to provide clips for us. Many thanks to Podsights and Kast Media for that, and for the comic relief.

Podsights: The sea chanty escapade

We don’t know why. Nobody knows. Nobody should care.

Kast Media: “This would never…”

Rubble. Sarah Silverman is disgusted.


Also, Kast Media announced the following new shows:


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