Podcast listeners are high-income, high-education, and respond to Pharma/Health ads (Podsights Benchmark Report)

Podcast attribution company Podsights has released the latest in its quarterly Benchmark series — titled for Q2 2021. There is new element not in previous reports: Demographic info resulting from a partnership with Experian, the consumer data company. The collaboration enables a layering of consumer demo info atop Podsights data.

The result is a profile of household demographics which compares Podsights households with U.S. national averages. Podsights measurement of household income shows higher than the national average:

Along with wealth comes age, at least in Podsights’ measurement. Podcast listeners skew slightly older.
The “lift” measurements are the meat of these reports. Lift measures some kind of conversion from hearing a podcast ad, to taking some action motivated by the ad. One interesting aspect of this report is the apparent Covid effect which made listeners more activated by ads in the Pharma/Health sector:

As always, Podsights provides a boatload of granular data/charts about conversion rates. The report is free, and can be requested HERE.


Brad Hill