Chartable tracks podcast-to-podcast advertising effectiveness

Podcast analysis and attribution company Chartable has turned its metrics to a particular type of advertising: Podcast-to-podcast marketing. In this marketing category, podcasts advertise their shows on other podcasts.

In this study, Chartable analyzed 2.2-billion impressions, and discovered an overall conversion rate of 1.47%.

Not stopping there, the company analyzed which were the most successful advertised show categories, and the flip side — the most successful show categories in which ads appeared. Society & Culture, and News, are the two most promoted podcast genres — in other words, the advertiser … and they were the most promoted-on categories.

That doesn’t mean those categories were the most successful in this marketing exercise. Personal Journal podcasts received the highest conversion rate for in-podcast ads placed by those podcasts: a whopping 12.27%. The sample there was small — only 38. The largest sample size (1,051) belonged to society & Culture, which benefited with a 1.69% conversion rate.

Go HERE for a fascinating (and addictive) interactive table where you can sort the study by genre, conversion rates, and sample size.


Brad Hill