SiriusXM Media adopts UID2, Trade Desk’s new “identity fabric”

SiriusXM Media is announcing its adoption of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) as an identity solution for its programmatic audio advertising. Sirius calls this decision “groundbreaking.”

UID2 was developed by The Trade Desk, a leading demand-side advertising platform. Its purpose is to replace third-party cookies, provide a more privacy-conscious solution. The company characterizes UID2 a “a better approach to identity for advertisers, publishers, and consumers across the open internet.”

The solution will be applied to SiriusXM’s subsidiary Pandora.

In its coverage of this news, Zachs Equity Research regards the UID2 solution as a solution to “traditional identifiers,” which Zachs says created  “a data gap in the advertising space.”

The Trade Desk says its new standard is “built to benefit the entire ecosystem. For publishers that means making advertising more relevant, and for data partners it means creating more durable audience segments for targeting and measurement. Consumers are considered as wekk; they get a universal UID2 opt-out function.


Brad Hill