Acast Holiday Advertising Guide

Acast has released an informative guide to brands who are approaching the holiday buying season: “Tis the season for podcast advertising with Acast. While an unabashed promotion of Acast’s self-serve platform, the guide delivers platform-agnostic guidance for getting a grip on the complex holiday season. Click for metrics and a link to the full study. Continue Reading

1+1=3 in new Soundstack analysis of radio and podcast listeners

SaaS company SoundStack, which promotes “Full-Circle Audio” solutions for all kinds of audio delivery across analog and digital, has released an infographic which highlights the complementary attributes of broadcast radio on one hand, and podcasting on the other. It sources several research studies to deliver a 1+1=3 argument for advertising in both. Continue Reading

AdLarge partners with Barometer for AI analysis of podcast content and brand suitability

AdLarge announces a new partnership with AI-powered brand suitability and contextual targeting company Barometer. The mission is to provide brand suitability and safety guidelines across the AdLarge Podcast portfolio. Barometer has built an AI engine to analyze podcast content and… Continue Reading

Podchaser (Acast) launches AI Predictive Demographics, seeking to enhance audio targeting

Acast subsidiary and podcast discovery resource Podchaser has launched an AI-driven feature designed to enhance podcast audience targeting based on episode language. The distinguishing feature is the use of AI, as opposed to first-party demographic data, to analyze the language spoken within a podcast to predict the age and gender of its likely audience. Click for details. Continue Reading

NPR re-ups with Veritonic, and expands across podcasts and broadcast

Veritonic announces that high-profile client NPR has renewed its relationship with the company, and expanded its use of Veritonic’s solutions. Specifically, NPR is now assessing brand advertising effectiveness across its podcasting and broadcast empires. For Veritonic, the continued engagement highlights its Brand Lift solution, which measures the recall and sentiment listeners have for audio ads. Continue Reading

Magellan intros “similar shows” dashboard for intelligently expanding ad campaigns

Magellan AI has unleashed a dashboard feature which is not distinctly named, but functions to reveal podcasts with similar audiences. This is mainly for advertisers who wish to extend a successful campaign. It is self-serve, both for exploration by advertisers, and for connecting directly with podcast owners. Continue Reading

Advertiser intention toward podcasting reaches tipping point (Westwood One)

How do advertisers regard podcasting as a potential marketing medium? Where are they in that thinking, from discussion to action? Those are the questions addressed in the latest Cumulus Media / Westwood One research — Advertiser Perceptions: The state of podcast advertising, a nine-year tracking study. Click for results, graphs, key points, and a download link. Continue Reading