Podcasting: $43B in 2032? (Market.us)

Market research company Market.us has gathered podcast statistics from multiple sources and compiled a slate of podcast metrics including one far-reaching projection. We compare this dataset with other podcast ad revenue projections. In doing so, we achieve an impressive level ofuncertainty. It’s all about inputs and methodology.
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New digital audio ad firm Audire launches in 3 regions, offers 150M reach with “cost per full listen”

A new company called Audire (a combination of “audio” and “dire” — to speak, in French) has launched in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. It is a new venture for RAIN sponsor and RAIN Summit speaker Carlos Cordoba. The network spans 150-million users across its addressable regions, including 50-million in the U.S. Click for detail. Continue Reading

“TV is what is playing in God’s waiting room” — and more media insights from Westwood One

We’re not sure Boomers would love the characterization in Westwood One’s recent analytical rundown of ratings and advertising insights, but the point is clear. To be precise, half of the linear TV audience is 65 years or older. This is just part of Westwood One’s latest analysis of media consumption across categories and age groups. PIerre Bouvard is the author. Click for info and a link Continue Reading

Spotify’s new “AUX” connects advertisers with musicians for in-concert and on-platform holistic partnerships

Spotify’s new AUX program is interestingly conceived to connect advertisers to targeted successful musicians for partnerships that benefit both the artist, who receives brand-name sponsorship, and the advertiser which gains access to the artist’s targeted audience. Naturally, artists selected for this program have substantial popularity and reach. Coca-Cola is the launch partner for this innovative marketing experiment, and the first artist to be involved is Peggy Gou. Click for much more info. Continue Reading